Some useful links to homebrew solid state class D and E AM transmitters, and AM receivers.


Class E Forum on AMFone — an active meeting place for class D/E builders.

Class E radio by Steve WA1QIX, the original class E AM constructor’s site.


My FAT5 Class E 160m 100 watt AM transmitter (VK3HN).

Beautiful looking big Class E AM Transmitter using amazing Advance Panel Meters (APM) By Trumeter, from KB3WFV.

800 watt transmitter from Joel Lagace.

Nice, well made transmitter to the WA1QIX design ( ) by ‘P F’.

Another nice 40 meter Class E transmitter by Jon Rines.

Class D PWM AM DDS Transmitter on 40M, 200W carrier, from ‘Digital Broadcasting’.


Class E transmitter design pack from Dimitris VK1SV.

Experimental class E QRP (2-5W) transmitter by Gerard Borg (ANU).

A simple 10 watt class E PA from LU8EHA.

The FAT5 AM Transmitter project, a relatively easily reproduced set of modules and kits for a Class E homebrew AM station, with linear and pulse width modulator options, by Eric GW8LJJ and Dave GW4GTE.

A 200-Watt Push-Pull Class-E AM Transmitter for 1710 kHz by Max Carter.

Max Carter’s Class E calculators.

From W1VD, designs for two types of Class D RF decks – Voltage Mode Class D (VMCD) and Current Mode Class D (CMCD). In VMCD power to the final is derived from a voltage source and in CMCD from a current source. See here. for the transmitter decks, and the accompanying PWM.

KM5TZ’s big 1kW transmitter based on WA1QIX modules.

Magic T-Combiner, RF power combiner/splitter from W8JI.


Class E design page from Tonne Software.

Low Pass Filter designer (SVCFilter) from Tonne Software, used for designing PWM LPFs.

Some useful information about power levels and component ratings around a class E PA stage from ClassERadio.


Low noise discrete unbalanced mic preamp used in my FAT5 transmitter, by Mike Elliott.

And the complete list of audio projects at Elliot Sound Products (Sydney).

SSM2167 preamp for uBitx (modules all over eBay).

All Pass Filter (APF) for symmetrical audio by W3AM — use this unity gain filter with a Mark Space ratio of 55:45; electret microphone is fine; for OpAmp split rails use a dual supply (ICL7660); OpAmps can be TL072.

AM Receivers and detectors

An infinite impedance detector from Felix VK4FUQ and Elliot Sound.

Shack of VK2KMI

Ham Radio Blog of VK2KMI

Ham Historian

A passionate amateur looks at Melbourne history


My journey of repairing and recycling anything I put my hands on that I believe is still useful. Not just hardware, but including software with relevant content and issues in the field of Cyber Security, Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing.

G4YDM Ham-Radio and SWL news

Radio craft, homebrew, QRP/SOTA, AM

Amateur radio experiences with VK1DA

Tj Lab


The Microscopic New Yankee Make Shop

Bits of technology and illogic by WA2MZE

Paul Gacek



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