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A fine reception at Mt Dandenong VK3/VC-025

On Saturday the 16th May I found myself able to disengage from the usual domestic responsibilities and slipped away mid afternoon in glorious sunshine  for an assault on Briarty Hill (VK3/VC-029).  Traffic on the drive to the Sunnyside Rd turnoff about 2.5 km east of Seville via Wandin North on the B380 was light and the weather was close to perfect in autumn.   The sealed road took me north through a verdant valley of houses on large blocks and a few small farms.  After about 4km Killara Rd. forks off to the right.  Ignoring VK3ZPF’s instructions and also his map I sailed past, keeping the mountain on my right, thinking I was heading in the right direction.  Killara Rd, however, turns west and after a few kilometers I was heading away from the hills and in open plains.  I pulled over, checked the instructions, and retraced my path to Yarraloch Way, getting to the start of the fire track.  The gate was closed.

My approximate reading of the map suggested the summit was about 2.5km away, which included a steep ‘goat track’ section.  Not being able to go any further on wheels, and looking at the sinking sun, I decided to bail out and come back another day, rather than have a rushed activation and a walk down the goat track in the dark.

Arrow marks the operating position on VC-025.

Arrow marks the operating position on VC-025.

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