Some links to some of my favourite makers, sites, blogs and suppliers.

Bricks-and-mortar shops

Rockby Electronics in Clayton, Melbourne is a clearing house of electrical and electronic parts and components, usually at great prices.  Impossible to visit and not find a bargain. The clearing stock area (only open on Saturday mornings) is a treasure trove of old stock from the electronics industry, it takes me back to the electronics clearance houses of my childhood.

Altronics, general electronics supplies, well-stocked stores, firmly catering to small scale electronice businesses and hobbyists.

Jaycar, commercial end electronics retailer, still carries a good range of general components, lots of stores so they are never too far away.

Online suppliers

Minikits, Australia’s premier supplier of general and specialty HF, VHF/UHF and microwave kits and parts.

PK Loop Antennas — VK3KHZ’s shop is the first stop if you want a loop antenna, but even better, Paul brings down to VK certain unobtainiums such as silver mica caps and crystals on 1825, 7125 and 7146kHz.

Kits and Parts — A site that fully documents its kits for every imaginable homebrew radio module from balanced modulators to bandpass filters. I have scratch-built several BPFs from the information on this site (notably for kits which are now no longer offered).

Tayda — Hobbyist supplier in Bangkok, Thailand with a useful catalogue and quick service.

Dans Small Parts — Just when you thought that part was extinct, Dan offers them in a bag of 20.

RF Parts — Great range of hard-to-get parts, including RF transistors, silva mica capacitors and compression trimmers.

American Morse — Beautifully made paddles and keys that will last a lifetime.

OzQrp — Australian supplier of DSB and SSB monoband rig kits; my primary 40m SOTA transceiver is one of these.

Core Electronics — Australian supplier of everything you’ll ever need for that Arduino/digital DDS VFO, SDR or controller project.

QRP Me — Everything you need for manhattan construction, and a pantry-full of things fitted into tuna cans.

Toroids.info — The definitive site for toroids including a turns-length calculator for every imaginable donut.

Communication Concepts — QRP connoisseurs look away. Solid state linear amplifier kit and part specialists. You have to invest a few dB to gain a few dB.

Surplus Sales of Nebraska — Suppliers of unobtainiums such as brand new air variables, transformers, and the kinds of gems that might have been buried in the boxes under the tables at a 1979 ham-fest.

QRPLabs — Hans Summers puts so much research, thought and care into his kit offerings, and still manages to sell them at great prices. 

Hams and homebrewers par excellence

VK3XU — Before e-commerce, Drew Diamond’s four legendary books published in the 1980s and ’90s gave VKs and ZLs repeatable and buildable designs without unobtainable parts such as 2N3553s, 40673s, toroids and Neosid pre-made coils. If you click on the link you will see that Drew eschews most things digital these days.

VK3YE — Peter Parker’s comprehensive Youtube channel, books and resources, Peter is the figurehead of the Melbourne QRP scene.

AA7EE — Dave’s perfect manhattan-style homebrew rigs and the insightful and reflective way he writes about them takes radio crafting to a new level.

N6QW — Pete Juliano from Soldersmoke turns out more excellent homebrew SSB rigs in a month than most do in a lifetime.

W6JL — Don is well known for combining CW and homebrew over many decades.

AD5GH — Rod’s Express Receiver is a superbly designed and built 80 to 10 meter communications receiver (non-SDR) in which each module is optimised, but achievable.  If Wes Hayward updated his Progressive Receiver (1981) this is what it would look like.


Soldersmoke — Bill Meara N2CQR and Pete Juliano N6QW, the voices of homebrew culture,  are solely responsible for putting the soul back into homebrewing.

ARRL The Doctor Is In — Steve WB8IMY interviews Dr Joel W1ZR for a slightly more cerebral but eminently listenable chat on various technical topics.

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