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Specifications of some commonly used varactors:

  • Motorola MVAM108 25-500pF; –pF@9v; 30pF@8v; 40pF@7v
  • Motorola MVAM109 30-460pF; 30pF@9v; 35pF@8v; 50pF@7v
  • Motorola MV209 5-40pF; 12pF@9v; 14pF@8v; 16pF@7v
  • Toshiba 1SV149: 25-500pF; 20pF@8.5v; 25pF@8v; 30pF@7v

Power across 50 ohm loads

7dBm (drive required by SBL-1) is 1.4V peak-peak. The full table is here.


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