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Mt Macedon (VK3/VC-007) on the way to the office

Mt Macedon (VK3/VC-007) is an accessible drive-up summit that I have just not gotten to this year.  Being so close to Melbourne it seemed a real pity to not get there if I possibly could in 2015.  So, given the fabulously empty roads at this time of year,  I hatched a plan to drive there before work, an activation on the way to the office, as it were.   So on New Years Eve 2015 my alarm went at 5am, I turned the ignition key at 5.45, headed around the Ring Road and up the Calder with few cars in sight, and after a warm and pleasant drive of a bit over an hour parked at the top of Mt Macedon a few minutes after 7am.   The night had been hot, and the forecast was for 39 degrees, so at around 24 degrees this was the nicest part of the day.


Memorial Cross at Mt Macedon.

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