Return to Britannia Range VK3/VC-011 and Mt Bride VC-009

Now that 2016 has clicked over I get to do return visits to some of the nearby summits that I activated for the first time last year. I love the Yarra Ranges summits for their natural beauty, relative accessibility and the cool mountain environment that the tall eucalypt ecosystem creates.  On January 9th 2016 I decided to try out my new gaiters (thanks Santa) on a mountain on which they would be needed…  Britannia Range.  Setting out late in the afternoon I drove to Warburton then south on Mt Bride Rd to the junction of Britannia Range Track.



Britannia Range Track was dry almost the whole way up, very different to how I remember from last June. So too the bush was dry where the track levels off, so in I went.  There is no easy way on this summit, and a quick check of the blogs will reveal various people’s stories of bush bashing.   The gaiters and having the short squid pole almost fully in my pack made it much easier than last time. I am fairly sure I made it to the very top this time, setting up on two rocks, still wading through waist high ferns and scrub.  The band was quiet and I worked a roll call of the SOTA fraternity, VK3CAT Tony, VK3PF Peter, VK3HRA Allen, VK3PMG Mick, VK5PAS Paul.

Driving back out north on Mt Bride Rd the setting sun was streaming in low, cutting through the forest.

At this point I judged there to be enough light to activate and return to the car from Mt Bride before total darkness. The track from Burns Rd to tbe summit is an easy one and only about 10 minutes on foot.


Again good band conditions, dry ground and a reminder of how peaceful it is up there.  A handful of chasers including VK7CW Steve, VK5PAS Paul, VK3LED Col, VK5HS Ivan, VK3PF Peter.

So an enjoyable return visit to two Yarra State Park summits to kick off 2016.

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